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Welcome to ScratchOffTickets.net, one of the most enjoyable site to play scratch off tickets online without download any software to your computer.

Here you will find unique, entertaining, and exciting scratch off tickets. You are invited to have fun and play fun scratch off games.

All of our scratch off games do not require any download. The online scratch off games load in seconds, so you can log on and play from anywhere all over the world!!!

Scratch Off Games

Our games are absolutely special and unique. ScratchOffTickets.net is not similar to any other scratch tickets gaming site.

All the other scratch off gaming web-sites (and lottery firms) use series of tickets, i.e. the software makes series which contains a little amount of winning tickets. This amount and the specific tickets were determined by the system in advance.

That's why in most cases you bet on a ticket which doesn't contain any prize. It doesn't depend on your play at all.

Moreover in most cases the winning scratch tickets might be taken already but you don't know that!

As opposed to the others, at ScratchOffTickets.net the scratch tickets are planned in absolutely different way and results in winning.

Every scratch off ticket and every scratch off lottery ticket contains the objects you are looking for (treasure boxes etc.). It means that in every scratch ticket you play could win the big prize.

That's why you don't have to believe us, you can calculate yourself the winning statistics of the games.

It's all in your hands. Just guess correctly and win!

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